Sunday, 21 December 2014

How to Fix Asahi Camera Light Meter

         Asahi Pentax is one of the famous brand camera from Japan beside Nikon, Canon, and Minolta. Great built in body and its looks like samurai warrior from Japan. But nowadays I often found Asahi Pentax camera in junk store or second hand camera store in dead light meter condition. Several conditions might be caused the light meter doesn’t work such as : due its age, copper wire inside light meter is coated by rush, broken copper wire etc.  If you are analog lover is so sad to facing this condition. After several experiments I found some way to fix and bring the light meter back to normal. This method Couldn't fix your light meter if the copper wire inside the light meter is broken.


What equipment you may need?
  1. Single battery which has capacity 1.5Volt
  2. wires
  3. Tape
  4. Scissor  
Step by step
  1.  Open battery cap chamber in bottom plate of you camera.
    Bottom plate
  2.  After that you will find 2 contact surfaces. One is for negative pole, and second one is for positive pole.
  3. Remove isolator of your wires until you see copper wire.
  4. Take your battery and install the wire in both side pole of you battery using tape.
  5.  Before you apply to using battery and wire please make sure you light meter switch is on position.
    LM switch
  6.  This is the IMPORTANT step you should pay attention. After you install the wire with battery now get ready for this part. Take the wire from positive pole from you battery put it on bottom plate(near by the hole) and take the wire form negative pole and RUBBING in surface area inside battery chamber, DO NOT Allowed the wire contact for long time to avoid overload circuit.
  7. Be careful do not MISPLACED  between positive pole and negate pole. Because this camera using DC circuit, to avoid short circuit.
And after those steps are applied install small battery (watch battery or LR44 battery) and check your light meter. Hope it becoming normal and work properly. 

Best Regards, Marlon

 NOTE : You applied this method with your OWN RISK. 


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