Sunday, 25 May 2014

How To Use M42 (Screw Mount) Lenses in Digital Camera

M42 screw mount was first used in ZeissContax S of 1949; this East German branch of Zeiss.  M42 × 1 mm standard mount cameras first became well known in Japan under the Praktica brand, and thus the M42 mount is known as the Praktica thread mount there. Since there were no proprietary elements to the M42 mount, many other manufacturers used it; this has led to it being called theUniversal thread mount or Universal screw mount by many.

Example of Screw mount

Very easy to use M42 screw mount in digital cameras (interchange lens type). Just use adapter, you can buy thoses adapters in your local store or online shop. Depend on camera you use. Here some i write the list of adapter which is available in store for you digital camera. 

  1. M42 to Canon EOS  => available with or without Chip AF confirm. AF confirm will allow you to activated the "Beep" sound, you still use your hand to turn down the focusing ring (no motor drive in manual lens) 
    M42 to EOS non-Chip

      M42 to Eos with Chip

  2. M42 to Nikon => will not be able to allow you capture until infinity focus, in many case only 2m. It happened because flanger register of nikon is longer than m42 screw mount. To make the camera can focus infinity you would need an adapter with optic correction which is reduce the image quality.
  3. M42 to Micro 4/3 => micro 4/3 (crop factor 2) very easy to adapt this kind of lens just buy adapter M42 to M4/3.
  4. M42 to Sony Alpha Mount => same as canon, sony alpha which is "A" mount adapt M42 mount is not a big deal.
    M42 to M4/3


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